I was scammed by a gypsy...

Do you believe in supernatural, hocus pocus, magic? 

I felt like I needed some clarification, some guidance... The time change always messes with me. So what's a "normal" person to do? Check Yelp of course!

I searched locally and found a psychic life coach with a fair number of 5 star reviews. Why didn't I look at the Yelpers who left the reviews more closely? Perhaps I'd still have $50 if I'd noticed that several of the reviewers didn't have any friends, and very few, if any, other reviews. 

I made my appointment. She confirmed me for the wrong time. I joked that as a psychic she should've seen that coming. She didn't laugh. The second sign that I ignored. 

Were those butterflies in my belly? Normally I'm excited when I do something like this. But before my appointment last night I felt, uh, nervous. And although I had three 20 dollar bills on me, my intuition told me to stop and break one of them so I'd have exact change. I had asked earlier when she called to confirm my appointment if she took credit cards and was told only cash or check were accepted. So was this my third sign from the universe? Was the universe basically screaming at me - "DO NOT GO!!!"?

I arrived at her home and knocked on the door. She didn't give me any warm and fuzzy feelings when she invited me in. We sat next to each other on the couch and she asked me for a piece of jewelry or my car keys to empower her tarot cards. (Well, the "life coach" part was definitely off the table.) I gave her my mood ring. Yes, my mood ring. Which happened to be dark. Fourth sign!

"You have three children..." 

"Um, no. I have no children."

"You are surrounded by snakes. You have no true friends. You.... have an energy block. Your chakras are blocked. I can unblock them for $800." 

"Um. I will be honest with you. I don't feel like I can trust you and am not giving you $800."

"Don't you have a credit card?"

"I thought you didn't take credit cards..."

"$400 now for my supplies and $400 when you see a change that I will predict."

"Here's $50. Let's call this good."

OK, that was the abridged version but you get the gist.

Am I going to leave her a Yelp review? Hell no! She mentioned spells and energies and scary things that she was going to do for me in return for that $800 - which was a special discounted price by the way. I am going to chalk that up to a bad experience and hope the $50 went to feed her children that I could hear playing in the background. 

And I'm giving away my mood ring just in case it's been hexed - 'Free to a good home. Mood ring. Used to change colors. Now only displays black.'

OK universe. I'm listening now. Sorry I ever doubted you. PS: Please protect me from the gypsy. 

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