Me & Ms. M

Have you ever met someone who you instantly connected with? I had the good fortune of experiencing kismet (as Ms. M would say) just this past week when I met the incredibly lovely Ms. M. 

I wanted to say, "You look nothing like your Tinder photo!" when she arrived at the restaurant... But not knowing her I didn't. But now I know she would have found that exclamation as funny as I would have!

Where do I even begin to describe my new girl crush? Intelligent, funny, gorgeous, glowing, entertaining, engaging, did I mention gorgeous?

Ms. M hails from NYC and was in my neck of the woods for a limited time so I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed. She told me all about the internal clitoris!! You can read more about it on her article on the Museum of Sex (fondly called MoSex) website here - 

She shared so much about sexuality and her journey down this path thus far. We discussed sexual intelligence education vs. sex education and the Center for Sexual Intelligence... 

And to cap off the evening we celebrated Ms. M's faux birthday so we could enjoy free cake! The perfect way to also celebrate new soul sisters finding each other in this big, big world. 

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