Small Town Fun

Sometimes the most fun is the simplest fun. 

A business trip for me was cancelled at the last minute. This meant a free weekend at home. 

A Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter post later, I had announced that I'd be at a free concert in the park that night. 

Would anyone show up? Would I be cocktail'ing alone? Would I make new friends?


At this point, I knew anything could happen!


Yes, friends showed up. Yes, I did indeed cocktail - in a fancy Solo cup with a wine stem. Yes, I made new friends - "Hi Cricket!"


But most of all, I enjoyed the music of a local band that not only has a clever name, Yachtley Crew, but also plays songs that I hear on the Sirius XM channel 'Yacht Rock'. 


Small town simple fun is a great way to start my summer! 




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