"So, what do you do?"

Sometimes that can be the dreaded question. Do I tell people, often complete strangers, about the career path I've chosen? My hesitation? When people find out what I do the entire conversation becomes strictly about sex. "My wife doesn't like oral...", or "How can I last longer?" or "Which sex toy should I start with?" or most often, sadly, "How can I have an orgasm?" And then the rest of my evening is spent administering sexy advice with a smile. 

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times that I thrive on spreading orgasmic help all over the world. But sometimes, sometimes, the person asking this pointed question judges me based on my reply. And by "judge" I mean they form an opinion about me without truly knowing me. People can be hurtful. 

I've told people that I work in the lingerie business. I've skirted the subject and asked tons of questions about them to try to avoid answering. But usually I take a deep breath, cross my fingers, and remind myself that their hang-up's are not my hang-up's. 

"I work in the pleasure product industry and am studying to be a certified Sexual Educator and Coach." 

I smile quietly. I allow the person standing before me to take a moment to adjust to my response.

"Would you like me to explain to you a few tips on how to reach orgasm?"


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