Toy Testing...

One of my favorite parts of my job? TOY TESTING!!!

This is where I get to take concept products home and play with them to my heart's content. Sometimes they make my toys curl and my heart sing. Others make me yawn or panic. It all depends on what our Product Development Team hands me. Some days I have to just try it in the car on the way home because I cannot wait! (Yes, I've been told over and over to stop doing this) Other times I make myself wait until I can pour myself a glass of wine and really spend some quality time with my new friend.

Now, some times there are toys to tested and there's a need for a penis involved. This happens. And it leaves me with penis envy! 

Tonight I'm bringing home two masturbators to try out on my Honey. 99% of the time he loves these nights and calls them - Sex Toy Testing Adventures! Then there's that 1% where I have to ply him with tequila and break out the BDSM tie-up's... The thing is, no matter which way it goes, he always (ALWAYS!) enjoys himself.

So, wish me luck! I have a bag full o'goodies to toy test tonight!


Just a bag full of sex toys waiting to be tested!

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  • Melodie Wallace
    Melodie Wallace Tarzana
    Why is my husband Matt, buying you gifts, on Amazon?

    Why is my husband Matt, buying you gifts, on Amazon?

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