What I'm thankful for...

Can I say that I'm thankful Thanksgiving is over? The pressure to cook everything just right, while entertaining a house full of guests... It can be a lot to handle. 

I'll be honest. For a while there I thought I may have lost my Christmas spirit. Scary, right? 

So instead of simply resigning myself to having a "just OK" holiday season, I immersed myself in tree shopping, sappy Christmas movies and mulled wine. OK, I may have overdone it with the mulled wine because there was suddenly crying involved. But sometimes you just need to get the bad ju-ju out of your system. 

And it worked! I am happy to say that I was happily listening to the Holly channel on Sirius XM this morning. 

So if I have any words of advice, the lesson I learned this Thanksgiving was to face my fears. Even if the fears happen to be a 14-lb. turkey. 

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