Energetic and focused professional with a solid track record of increasing company profits and building strong client relationships.  Displaying strong work ethics I excel in content writing, marketing & product development. Additional progressive responsibility and strong abilities in the areas of:                                                                                                                 

Product Training Presentations Writing & Editing  Content Creation
Coordinate Team Projects Market Expansion Training Videos
Content Marketing Account Acquisition Spokesperson
Social Media Management Product Design Brand Development 
Strategic Forecasting/Budgeting Web Development Market Trends
Manage Projects/Timelines Product Placement Business Growth



Launched a brand new radio show, Ask The Doc with Chad & Sunny, that has grown to the 2nd highest rated show on Playboy Radio. Created an online B2B Resource site,, to directly support and grow our customer base. Partnered with Postmates to create an on-demand delivery service, – the 1st in this industry. Partnered with our in-house webmaster to create our first ever B2C site,, currently growing at a rate of 100% every month.

Increased company profits by 100% at NS Novelties, surpassed first year sales goals and grew the purchasing customer base by over half.

Built an entire new division to develop and produce retail products at Hustler; initiated working directly with international manufacturers which resulted in a first year sales profit of 76%.  

Established new business accounts and expanded current client product lines at Condor Pacific, successfully bringing in $5M in contracts.  Designed and implemented product promotional campaigns reinforcing brand strategy and recognition through advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, press releases, electronic and print media. 

Designed and implemented the first international trade advertising program at Condor Pacific, managed lead tracking and marketing that led to an 18% increase in new international business accounts.

Expanded viable company audience through contacting new companies and developing marketing material, thereby increasing Condor Pacific awareness in the marketplace and generating a 20% increase in revenues within one year.

Self-driven to initiate training to receive certification in import/export licensing of government-regulated top-secret commodities and then brought import/export licensing functions in-house, thereby saving Condor Pacific a minimum of $50K per year.


Sunsplash Media Group, Los Angeles, California  (Full Service Marketing)                  September 2019 to Present
Founder/Team Leader
If you do what you love every day, you'll never work a day! Much is the case with the skills and expertise offered by Sunsplash Media Group. Creating products/collections/services, crafting content, designing and implementing retreats/workshops, and strategically growing sales/territories and opportunities are what we call fun. 

In addition to a founder/team leader with over 20 years of experience in business/product development, the finest team has been hand-chosen to assist with any project needed. 

Why build your empire alone? Sunsplash Media Group is here to help you enjoy success, reach your goals and create new ones! 


The Institute of Intimate Health, Los Angeles, California  (Sexual Health & Wellness)                  August 2019 to Present
Founder/Director of Curriculum

Achieving an industry-recognized certification is valuable in every profession. In a world flooded with sexual wellness education and information, this comprehensive Intimate Health Advisor certification can lead to your dream job, lead you down a life-long path of learning, and show you ways to launch your own career possibilities.

An Institute built on Research and Real-World Training The Institute's Training and Certification Programs provide a distinct advantage over traditional sex-ed, wellness, and sales-and-marketing educational content. We have developed an online curriculum of certification courses derived directly from almost 20 years of experience, marketing research, and testing. The real-world lessons gleaned from this rigorous process have built quantifiable, repeatable methodologies that are designed to increase knowledge, sales, and personal opportunities.

Our courses provide in-depth training on topics specifically relevant to today's consumer and are designed to help improve your sales and marketing performance, with a deep dive into intimate health and wellness. 


DIamond Products - Jimmyjane, Pipedream Products, Sir Richard's, Chatsworth, California  (Manufacturer)                        March 2016 to October 2019
Brand Manager, Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist, Sexual Health Educator 
·  Responsibilities include developing long-term marketing programs and services for the design-centric brand, and to solidify Diamond Products position and relationships within the marketplace as a leading manufacturer of premium pleasure products.

Doc Johnson / Health Devices Corp, North Hollywood, California  (Manufacturer)                        March 2014 to March 2016
Marketing Director / Playboy Radio Co-Host / Company Spokesperson / Contributor at /
Awarded the 2015 XBIZ Executive Award for Community Figure of the Year
·  Doc Johnson is a manufacturer of cosmetics, personal health and wellness products.  I managed the marketing team, all licensor and select private label accounts, and all contract models. I expanded the licensing program by bringing on, in addition to managing the existing TitanMen account and other private label accounts, and I continued to seek new licensing and private label opportunities. I also continually sought new contract models to partner with.
·  In first 90 days at Doc Johnson I created an online B2B Resource site,, to directly support and grow our customer base. This site continues to grow and expand.
·  In Fall 2014 I helped launch an entirely new consumer educational marketing program - Ask The Doc. Recorded live on Playboy Radio every Friday, Ask The Doc allowed Chad Braverman and I to answer questions from consumers and the public on a wide range of topics – from simple beginner sex toy questions to advanced BDSM questions. Ask The Doc won the 2015 XBIZ Award for Best Consumer Marketing Campaign, is the 2nd highest rated show on Playboy Radio and was viewable on Playboy TV. Ask The Radio brought international visibility to the Doc Johnson brand. 
·  In Fall 2015 I  facilitated a partnership with Postmates to create an on-demand delivery service, – the 1st in this industry. Sales for this service continue to increase every month.
·  In Fall 2015 I partnered with our in-house webmaster to create our first ever B2C site, I also managed Doc Johnson affiliate sites for our contract models, bringing in extra revenue.
·  My focus at Doc Johnson was on building a cohesive brand strategy that emphasized brand values and clearly defined the Doc Johnson company message – primarily ‘Made in America’. Other comprehensive endeavors included amplifying advertising efforts, extending marketing reach and growing brand awareness. I continually focused on short and long range goals targeted toward existing and new markets, and international marketing became an integral part of Doc Johnson's marketing strategy. My entire marketing team worked to ensure a consistent brand presence across multiple platforms and planned to consistently launch new marketing tools to benefit customers worldwide.
·  I oversaw all social marketing and directed ‘the voice of Doc Johnson’. My marketing team and I continued to expand social media outreach and provided a new level of marketing support to customers.
·  I added direct consumer marketing to our in-industry marketing plans. I instituted heavy content marketing and offered all content to our customers as well – I was told Doc Johnson is the only company doing this.
·  In Summer 2014 I reached out to and became a strategic partner for them. Doc Johnson products are now a part of their online directory, Ask The Doc has an advice column based on Q&A’s from the show, and I write articles as an official Kinkly Contributor.
·  I supported our Doc Johnson sales team by providing marketing support, handled promos and created ad campaigns. I trained the sales team on all new products, as well as provided store and staff trainings on request.
·  I was part of our product development committee and worked with the designers on all new products. I constantly monitored trends and competitor products to give insight to our design team.
·  Upon being hired in March 2014, I contacted advertising partners worldwide and began an international ad campaign. Prior to this time Doc Johnson had not advertised in AVN, Synergy, StorErotica and other publications. I negotiated advertising prices down by 15% off their initial contract pricing in 2015 and 25% for 2016 contracts.
·  I was responsible for all copywriting duties: packaging, sell sheets, eBlasts, web content, SEO keywords/meta tags, press releases, video scripts, employee bios, etc.
·  I built an extensive list of industry and mainstream contacts for press release distribution and mainstream media coverage. I worked closely with my personal contacts at Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Showtime and several production companies for product placement and ways to increase brand visibility.
·  I regularly attended new educational courses and continued to expand my knowledge base.
·  I acted as spokesperson for Doc Johnson and handled all tours of our facility.
NS Novelties, Chatsworth, CA  (Manufacturer)                                                                                        May 2012 to Dec 2013
Account Executive / Brand Manager / Merchandiser / Company Spokesperson & Trainer
·  NS Novelties is a manufacturer of personal health and wellness products.   Personally responsible for over 75 accounts domestically and internationally, including CVS Caremark, Dr. Leonard’s/Carol Wright Gifts, Spencer Gifts, as well as large distributors and various retail chains.
·  In first 90 days increased sales by 28% and increased purchasing client base by 20%.
·  Surpassed first year sales goal by 100%.  Doubled sales goal again for the second year.  After one year with company, increased purchasing client base by over half. 
·  Responsibilities include all aspects of sales, marketing and merchandising.  Manage existing customer accounts and obtain new accounts both domestically and internationally.  Handle customer service with clients, home parties and consumers.  Implement and oversee spiffs and motivational sales programs. 
·  Design and merchandise numerous store and showroom walls and displays according to store inventory and new products introduced.  Use merchandising to make an impact on consumers while drawing them into stores.  Manage signage and in-store marketing opportunities.  Boost store sales through effective displays and plenty of employee and consumer product education.  Coordinate catalog pages with home party companies.
·  Serve as primary product trainer.  On average, store sales increase by 36% after a training session.  Perform training sessions for distributors, retailers, store personnel and home party representatives.  Film training videos and commercial segments for entire toy line.  Write product informational one-sheets to assist with training, sales and product knowledge.  Speak at home party national sales events in front of 400+ representatives. 
·  Marketing and PR responsibilities include online interviews, television commercials, radio interviews, writing articles, and submitting products for review.  Copywriting for packaging, product instructional manuals, catalogs and marketing materials.  Oversee co-op advertising and catalog representation. 
·  Established a permanent and ongoing presence in social media and helped brand awareness among our consumer base.  
·  Provide support with product development and design.   Administer warranty program.  Set up and manage online store. 
Zendo Peak, LLC, Simi Valley, CA   (Administrative and Creative Services)                                April 2010 to May 2012
Managing Director
· Established a new company offering freelance and contracted services consisting of online marketing, social media management, licensing, writing, editing, branding and rebranding, administrative tasks, customer service, collateral material design, web development, web video, Auto CAD design, business consulting, implementing projects and other services as requested.
Hustler / LFP, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA  (Multi Media Entertainment / Manufacturing)          August 2008 to January 2010
Director of Product Development / Sales Lead
·  Single-handedly established a complete new division for LFP, Inc. by developing a line of personal care products.  Created operational systems, processes and policies.  Set up division budget, 5-year financial forecast and growth budget, and product release strategy.  Instituted warehouse operations, an inventory control system, billing and fulfillment procedures. Wrote division operational manual, created contracts and sales documents, and set up several business accounts including FDA, Freight Forwarder and UPC accounts. 
·  Designed products, cosmetics and packaging, wrote package content and instructional pamphlets.  Directly responsible for creation of packaging, print ads, brochures, web advertising, promotional materials, and catalog.  Sketched and worked with Auto CAD to design products, concepts and mock-ups.  Developed a Brand Style Guide and brand philosophy.  Successfully launched newly branded retail items.
·  Increased revenue and awareness of the consumer products businesses.  Guided growth via strategic planning, development of new licensee and retail accounts, and generation of license-specific and global marketing projects resulting in an overall income increase of approximately 125%. 
·  Managed $5M licensing program.  Established and maintained a cohesive global presence by overseeing license product development, private label product development, distribution efforts, eCommerce accounts, and marketing/PR strategy.
·  Initiated something entirely new for this company and directly purchased consumer products from international manufacturers, resulting in a 76% sales profit.  Managed relationships, sourcing, and original product development directly with foreign manufacturers.  Oversaw retail promotions, photo shoots, marketing kits, newsletters, launch events, press releases and cooperative marketing/packaging.   
·  Streamlined account management by developing contract templates, communication procedures and sales tools resulting in faster product approvals and sales reporting. Helped train department sales teams and often handled sales myself.  Successfully acquired Spencer Gifts as a client and placed brand products into nationwide Spencer Gifts stores, thereby securing a minimum 15% revenue increase over forecast in 2010. / ESCOM, LLC, Calabasas, CA  (Internet Start-Up)                                                        Dec. 2007 to Aug. 2008
Channel Marketing Manager (Contract Position)
·  Designed and developed online eCommerce stores and sites. Worked with programmers to develop stores via custom software.  Tested all stages of development.  Guided and tracked programmer progress. 
·  Negotiated contracts and terms with Fulfillment Distributors.  Sourced products and fulfillment sources internationally.
·  Acted as Buyer for online retail store.  Established pricing for all online retail products. Researched all pricing for appropriate margins and income.
·  Developed promotional and marketing campaigns.  Wrote product user guides, buyers guides, online blog & all product copy. 

 Pine Mountain Pizza Company, Pine Mountain Club, CA (Restaurant)                                         Oct. 2005 to Nov. 2007
Owner  /  Manager  /  (And Everything in Between)  
·  Developed restaurant concept, handled everything involved with building and opening a successful restaurant. In charge of getting all city, county, state permits and setting up business model.  During construction phase I supervised contractor project bids, contracts and payments.  Managed all aspects of human resource duties, ran business office and handled all office administration duties.  Handled daily bookkeeping, A/R and A/P duties.  Placed all food, beverage & supply orders and established and managed vendor accounts. Determined allocations for multiple accounts.  Processed invoices and capital expenditures.  coded invoices, tracked payments. 
·  Set up restaurant software program, and designed and built restaurant website.  Created and maintained customer data base.
·  Planned and coordinated events.  Designed brochures, menus, advertisements, Pizza Club promotional material, specialized event brochures and flyers, and any other design task that arose.  Designed marketing programs, community co-op’s and final sales package.  Handled direct mail campaigns and promotional leaflets from conception to design to implementation and distribution.  Worked with city, county and chamber of commerce officials on numerous tasks and events.

Topco Manufacturing, Chatsworth, CA  (Manufacturing)                                                                 Feb. 2000 to Oct. 2005
Licensing Manager  /  Account Executive  /  Marketing Director  /   Product Development Manager
·  Topco is a manufacturer of cosmetics, personal health and wellness products.  I managed licensor and private label accounts, and expanded the licensing program with $5M in new license contracts, increasing revenue by 100%.
·  Handled all facets of product development, branding and new product launches.  Sourced and located products and vendors domestically and internationally, track product development costs and return on investment, and product budget administration.
·  Responsible for department budgets and preparation of cost reports.  Prepared and presented sales and marketing plans, proposals and presentations.  Trained sales team and provided sales tools.  Developed and implemented marketing & business development strategies.  Reduced costs by identifying synergistic marketing opportunities and barter arrangements. 
·  Acted as company spokesperson and handled corporate communications.  Supervised and directed internal Art Department.  Served as point person for inventors.  Created sales incentives via marketing and retail projects resulting in 20% sales increase. 
·  Wrote copy for products, print ads, advertising mediums, press releases, catalogs, promotional material and  manuals. Designed product packaging, collateral material and promotional packages.  Developed Style Guides for brand management.
Condor Pacific Industries, Inc., Westlake Village, CA (Aerospace)                                                 Feb. 1994 to Jan. 2000
Executive Secretary to President / Export-Import Licensing Manager / Marketing Assistant
·  “Right hand man” to President.  Handled all administrative and confidential functions for the company President, CEO and Marketing Director.  Made international travel arrangements, maintained office organization, and handled corporate gifts.  Hired, trained and managed secretarial staff.  Managed office.  Handled calls, scheduling, prioritization, reports, and dictation.
·  Managed all aspects of domestic and international licensing for top-secret government materials.
·  Negotiated and finalized long-term contractual agreements. Responsible for patenting and trademarking proprietary information.
·  Used Commerce Business Daily to identify business opportunities.  Prepared extensive proposals in response to RFP’s.  Designed, wrote and developed product promotional campaigns and collateral material reinforcing brand strategy. Handled all aspects of public relations, advertising, sales promotions, marketing and media.
·  Responsible for taking on the expansion of international sales worldwide by developing and implementing customer-specific consumer and trade promotions to reinforce brand equity and build long-term partnerships with customers.
Redwood Community Action Agency, Eureka, CA (Non-Profit)                                                     Oct. 1991 to Dec. 1993
Grant Writer  /  Fundraising/Event Coordinator  /  Community Relations Manager
·  Managed Grant and proposal writing, preparation, presentation and management, bringing in $7M per year in assistance and funds to Humboldt County.  Extensively researched external funding opportunities.
·  Responsible for public outreach programs providing education and assistance to 80,000 Humboldt County residents.  Managed and developed public relation plans.
·  Coordinated eight fund raising events raising 250% more than expected goals.

University of Nevada - Reno, Bachelor of Arts, Journalism / Public Relations

Sexology UniversityMasters Certification, Clinical Sexologist

Matrix Energy Healing CenterCertification, Reiki Level I & II Healer in the Usui Reiki System of Integrated Energy Therapy

American College of Sexologists, Certification, Certified Sexual Health Educator

University of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D. degree, Philosophy of Metaphysical Sciences – In process

California Institute of Integral Studies, Ph.D. degree, Psychology of Human Sexuality – In process


  • Excellent presentation, verbal and written communication skills         
  • Well organized, efficient and detail-oriented
  • Able to prioritize and handle multiple tasks
  • Self-motivated; able to work independently and as a cooperative team member


  • PC and Mac computers
  • Windows 10 / Vista / XP Professional Platforms
  • MAC Jaguar and Snow Leopard Platforms
  • Latest versions of Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Power Point, Excel, Access, Outlook/Outlook Express, Project, Front Page
  • Goldmine  and Salesforce CRM software
  • Dreamweaver CS4, PhotoShop CS5, Pagemaker, PhotoTools 2.5, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk MotionBuilder 2010
  • Sage ERP MAS 200, Lotus, dBASE III, Syteline, InfoFlo, various internal data bases and manufacturing MRP Systems
  • Auto CAD 2010 Engineering Software, Autodesk 3DS Max 2010
  • Microsoft Money Office Suite, Quickbooks, Quicken, Peachtree Accounting Software, Yardi Enterprise Property Management Accounting, Yardi Voyager Property Management Accounting, Cado Accounting Software, Datacon Accounting Software
  • FileMaker Pro, FileSurf online electronic filing system  

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