tes·ti·mo·ni·al ~ a written declaration certifying to a person's character, conduct, or qualifications


"Sunny is a true professional. She strives to expand her knowledge and educate those around her. She has the ability to run an organization or implement and execute a given strategy. Sunny is experienced and well connected and will fit in nicely with any senior leadership team." ~September 2, 2019 Micheal Siegel, Director at Health Devices Corp.


"Sunny Rogers made a huge licensing deal happen between two leaders in their industries, and everyone is happy to this day! Sunny was the Director of Marketing at Doc Johnson while I was the Director of Ecommerce & Product Design for Kink.com. We were the leaders on the ground in discussions towards the two brands producing an expansive line of products with global distribution. The key was to get all Founders and C-Level Execs behind a deal that didn’t desaturate either’s brand identity with both gaining marketshare in each other’s industries. Complicated to say the least! To sum it up: Sunny created an open atmosphere with an even exchange of ideas that resulted in the most positive negotiation I’ve ever participated in. I would tap on Sunny’s shoulder for ideation towards and management of any major negotiation. I look forward to the day when I can do business with Sunny in the future!" ~March 29, 2017 Kristopher Ramirez, Director of Ecommerce at CNE Media

"Sunny Rodgers is the epitome of a relationship builder. She knows how to gain the trust and respect of any person who speaks to her. Because she is charming, insightful, a great listener, and has an understanding of her market she can turn a prospect into a customer within minutes. She's that good." ~March 12, 2015 Nicole McCree, Product Educator and Sales at WTFN, Inc. dba Classic Erotica

"I've had the opportunity to work with Sunny as Marketing Manager with Doc Johnson Enterprises. She's exemplified time and time again what marketing and relationship-building truly means in business. She's offered unlimited time and resources to myself as her marketing counterpart and has collaborated on several projects and marketing promotions with the Honey's Place team. Sunny's pleasant and professional demeanor is always refreshing to work with, and she goes above and beyond to serve her customers in any way she can. She's strongly committed to her role and her organization, and I'm proud to have had a chance to work closely with her!" ~November 16, 2014 Rashaunah Williams, Marketing at Honey's Place

"Sunny's dynamic and vibrant personality afford her the ability to effortlessly initiate and develop business relationships. Her knowledge of the product and attention to the customer's specific needs result in purchases that produce above average margins and maximum sell-through. Sunny's involvement in product development has played a role in the introduction of innovative, high quality, and affordable merchandise into the industry. I've observed Sunny step into a company, revamp it, and grow it! She should be considered an asset and a force to be reckoned with." ~August 19, 2014 Justin Fack, Director of Operations at Crypto Technology Corporation

"Sunny is always a pleasure to work with. She is bright, personable and has intuitive understanding of her customer’s product and sales goals. Quick to respond, Sunny can be relied on for accurate information. She is a marketing strategist that understands the needs of her customers to navigate the social media landscape and she is nimble at providing the tools to help her customers to succeed in that environment. I have know Sunny for over two years as an account executive at NS Novelties providing superior service to Athena's Home Novelties." ~November 16, 2013 Sharon Kay Epstein, Director of Marketing at Athena's Home Novelties

“Sunny is a fantastic employee. She is extremely detailed oriented, and has great "follow-up" skills. Her communication, understanding of people and projects is amazingly strong---she truly gets the job done well and quickly! Her personality is bubbly, and she is also fun to work with. Whomever she is working for is Lucky!”  ~July 31, 2013  Marty Tucker, Chairman at MyWorld Group

In addition to being a consummate professional and highly competent in all areas -- Sunny is an absolute pleasure to work with. Each and every project, from the simple to the complex, is a positive and memorable experience. Sunny has proved to be an excellent point person for all of our needs - be it sales, marketing, or even providing new graphic files. Her training presentations are first rate, not only thorough and informative, but highly entertaining as well. Sunny is a one of a kind.”  ~July 30, 2013  Brian Sofer, Manager, Emerging Media & Strategic Partnerships at Eldorado Trading Company

“It has been my privilege to work with Sunny Rogers. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and precise in her work/dealings. Sunny also manages to have an amazing attitude which makes her approachable and a delight with which to work.”  ~July 30, 2013  Tim Crawford, Director of Scientific Affairs at Health Devices Corp.

“Sunny is an extremely thorough worker who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Her experience in the adult world - especially novelties - for the past several  years, enables her to be an excellent asset to any company.  I have known Sunny since 2002 and have learned a vast amount of Branding and Marketing plans from her expertise. Needless to say, her computer skills are outstanding, in order to display and show powerful presentations to both large and small groups.  Her time management skills are superior and she meets deadlines with grace and ease. She is a wonderful mentor and I highly recommend her for possible mutually beneficial opportunities.  If you would like to speak further with me about Sunny, please don't hesitate to call me.”  ~July 30, 2013  Jennifer O’Gorman, Support Specialist

“Sunny is very decisive in her thought process, Usually clients really don't have an exact direction for what they want, Sunny does. She's very hands on in her approach and delegates with expertise. 
We've worked on several projects together and I can honestly say that Sunny is one of the most focused and intelligent individuals I've ever had the pleasure to work for!  ~April 12, 2013  Chris Sinclair, I.A.T.S.E.

“Sunny is detail oriented and is always in good spirits! It was great working with her since day one!”  ~April 3, 2013  Gabriela Perez, Recruiter/Provider Relations

“With multiple projects underway and staff on vacation, I needed an individual with great interpersonal skills, the ability to quickly assimilate into a dynamic work environment for a short term assignment, the ability to intuitively understand what needed to be done, and who could achieve results with only limited direction. Sunny was all of those and more. Without concern for how "small" the assigned tasks seemed, Sunny immediately engaged with the staff and assisted in a variety of areas, from a number of mundane administrative support tasks to supporting the analysis of existing telecommunication services and service providers across the company's 9-state locations. With her focused approach and her ability to quickly recognize objectives, Sunny was able to quickly achieve results during her brief assignment with the company that would have otherwise taken substantially longer. Sunny's outgoing interpersonal style, coupled with her keen business intuition and her mastery of office software and related business applications make her an outstanding addition to any results-oriented business environment and I'm proud to endorse her work and her commitment.” ~September 22, 2010   Chris Anderson, CPA, CITP

“We were fortunate to have Sunny's expertise. Clients and staff alike enjoyed working with her. She needed very little supervision, knowing exactly how to use our software programs and understanding our clients' needs.” ~September 14, 2010   Jean Gallant, Publisher

“As I only was able to work with Sunny for a short time. Sunny is a very hard working, efficient/effective Director with high professional standards. Sunny would definitely be a great asset for any company could obtain and possess.” ~October 14, 2010   Teri Cole, Licensing Director

“Mrs. Rodgers was a pleasure to work with. As well as being highly intelligent and tirelessly committed to doing the job right, she has a great sense of humor.” ~March 7, 2010   David Burney, Web Developer/Programmer

“I highly recommend Sunny given her dynamic communication and follow-up skills, exceptional attention to detail, and her ability to integrate smoothly with an existing staff in a fast-paced environment. She works well under pressure and is a resourceful self-starter who meets strict deadlines and problem-solves with minimal supervision.” ~August 25, 2009   John Weidner, Post Production Coordinator

“Sunny lives up to her name! I've never met anyone better at finding the sunny side and keeping a positive outlook during projects. She works well under pressure, can manage multiple responsibilities, and provides good guidance. She's an excellent collaborator, is highly knowledgeable, and is quickly decisive when necessary. Best of all, Sunny makes the work process fun and light-hearted--while maintaining a high level of professionalism.”~August 18, 2009   April Carter Grant, Web Designer

“I have had the privilege of working for Sunny and admire her vision and creativity. Her warm personality and innovative ideas have made it a pleasure to collaborate with her on various projects. Her high level of organization and open communication make her a great team player as well as a successful manager.” ~August 27, 2009   Jennifer Duardo, Copywriter

“Innovative, talented and driven, Sunny brings a lot to the table. A terrific mentor and colleague.” ~August 25, 2009  Polita Barnes, Brand Development